Future of social media

Future of social media

future of social media

What is the future of social media? If you are a frequent user, we are not quite sure if you have a concrete answer to.  Ready for a ride into the future? Let’s start.

Increased similarity of platforms

Do you feel that social media platforms are quite similar? Like how Snapchat has that augmented filter, and now Facebook and Instagram have it. It seems that each social media platform launched with a unique niche.

  • Facebook can add friends and share photos

facebook, social media

  • Twitter shares short and concise content

twitter, social media, tweet

  • Instagram presents photos

instagram, application

  • Snapchat allows you to capture the special moments

snapchat, social media, pictures, 24 hours

But now they have a mass amount of followers, therefore, these platforms start to follow a standardised model.

Let’s review, shall we?

Snapchat and Instagram

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Before Instagram stories, Snapchat was that unpolished, straight in the moment content. It was the place to share with your friends that snap you want to share, and it will be gone after 24 hours. Instagram was the place you share your best photos and captions.

Instagram stories- the fall of Snapchat

The difference between Snapchat and Instagram started to blur when Insta-stories was introduced.

Youtube and Facebook

youtube, facebook, social media

Now, Youtube also allows users to share in the moment photos and captions like facebook statuses.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Facebook is also trying out trending stories and go to places/pages like google and twitter.

 Up and coming cool features?

We can see that these platforms are really putting in the effort to be the first among the many to hold users in. And we believe more cool and exciting functions will be made available. For a starter, here’s some:

  • E-commerce: Platform to sell/buy/promote your products/services
  • Reactions: More options for you to better express yourself
  • Articles based on your activity: More relevant pieces for you
  • Virtual reality- now you see it, now you don’t
  • 360-degree video
  • Improved advertisement engagement


Latest news and anecdotes of prominent Singapore influencers

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Singapore Influencers

Influencer marketing

According to Straits times Singapore, Singapore influencers marketing is one big growing industry with projection to hit US$5 billion by 2019. How do Singapore influencers compete in securing followers and to remain authentic? The best safety net to fall back on is to always remain real through conducting proper research and sharing actual experiences to their followers.

Here are some updates on some of our old time favourite influencers in Singapore!


Nose and eyes surgery

singapore influencers

If you are Singaporean, you should know Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng offline, a Singapore influencer/blogger who shares her life and opinions on local issues in a provocative fashion. She has been blogging for a decade ever since 2003! In November 2017, Xiaxue went under the knife for her nose and eyes. Yes again!! She has always been very open with sharing her personal experiences with her fans and have uploaded several videos on her personal channel to share about her plastic surgery experiences. If you missed out, here’s the link!

But this time, I promise you it’s different.

plastic surgery, xiaxue, again, nose, eyelid

The crew of guide to life, a long-running Youtube series starring Xiaxue as the host was RIGHT INSIDE the operating theatre with her. Have you guessed it right? Yes! The entire process was recorded down on the camera, and if you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the link! If you have always been curious about plastic surgery, you have to go watch this rare footage of how eyes and nose surgeries are being conducted! You can also find out how she looks like after on her own channel through her recovery vlogs!


The proposal

Next up we have the up and coming beauty and fashion beauty, MongChin Yeoh, alternatively known as Mongabong on social media.

beauty, influencer, singapore, fashion

Her fiance, Matthias finally popped the golden question and had successfully put a ring on her finger! Yes that’s right, Mongabong is off the shelves!

mongabong. instagram, influencer, wedding, proposal

“I like that he’s very trustworthy, smart, driven and always giving. He takes care of my needs and is always there to give me advice about life. Whenever I run into problems at work or at home, I know I can always count on him to help me with it. Someone that sees my problems as his and his as mine, my happiness as his happiness and his as mine…I think that’s very hard to come by.” ~ Mong (Courtesy of theweddingscope.com)

The proposal was a surprise where Mong was tricked into believing that she was on set for jewelry commercial shoot, just like any other day at work. Little did she know that it was recorded and she will make the decision that will change her life forever! You can catch the whole process of this sweet moment from her youtube channel, or click on the link here!

Naomi Neo

naomi neo, singapore, youth, influencer, engagement

The love proposal in Korea

We have another happy news to share with you too! The last Christmas added new meaning to our young social media Singapore influencer, Naomi Neo. because she got engaged last Christmas on the trip to Korea with her fiance!

naomi neo, engagement, korea, ring

She is one of Singapore’s top influencer with a mega following of over 300k! You can also check out her Korea vlog to find out how the proposal went!

Congratulations on your engagements, MongChin and Naomi!

Let’s end this post with something sweet!


melissackoh, instagram, top singapore

New beginnings!

Newlyweds Melissa Celestine Koh, also known as Melissackoh on Instagram and her husband has finally gotten their keys to their new house and it’s also fully furnished! With her beautifully curated feed, are you excited to see how her home looks like? It’s all fully recorded on the home tour video on her youtube channel, click here to view!