Where is Instagram heading towards?


Do you own an account? If you do, you’d probably noticed these trends on Instagram.

  • Live videosinstagram, gif, likes

instagram, live

The place to be where you see pretty pictures with capturing captions, Instagram wants to be that. The place to share the world’s moments through captures. With 550 million monthly users, it has come a long way to be one of the top social media platforms. It never fails to disappoint (maybe except the algorithm), but Instagram took it to the next level with live videos.

Now, influencers are able to communicate and share with their followers whenever they want. It generates authentic content where information is shared live, with no edits.

  • Instagram Stories

insta, instagram, story

Snapchat’s 24 hours stories were also launched on Instagram to engage users when the posts feed get boring. Its all about expressing yourself through visuals. Getting updated is almost becoming a habit. Therefore, a story is a tangible form of keeping your moments in snaps. Although not the best to keep it on your feed, you can now also share through stories. Stories have also evolved with more creativity where we can see that Instagram did put in some effort to perfect this story function.

Some new updates can be found here.

  • GIFs

double tap, like

The increase in moving animations, videos, GIFs is apparent. Enough of static beautiful pictures, videos will be the next big thing. The partnership with GIPHY, a platform where people shares GIFs, users can now customise stories with GIFs to add that something extra that was missing.

  • Business profiles

business, instagram, analytics, insights

The advertisement is one of Instagram’s unique selling point. They are getting serious with their business tools to enhance the experience for brands and also for consumers. The release of the business tool pack- business profiles, business email, contact, analytics and the paid partnership function. Advertisements are becoming easier and more direct for consumers. We see now that advertisements are no longer webpage banners, they are on your timeline too.

Where is Facebook heading towards?

Future of Social media- Facebook

facebook, social media, fb

What do you think the future of social media looks like? Here are some clues to show you what the technology future beyond looks like. With so much happening in the social media segment, it feels good to take everything slowly and observe what has changed in this landscape. Let’s discuss the trends using Facebook.


Customisable content- Augmented reality, filters, and live videos

snapchat, social media, pictures, 24 hours


Snapchat was the first to bring augmented reality to life through camera lenses. And then pokemon go turn it up to a higher degree as though you can now see it in real life.

Augmented reality

facebook, live, filter, augmented reality, ar

Augmented reality has gained global attention, and Facebook has turned itself into something like snapchat. It has its own set of filters as well. Moving away from virtual reality, augmented reality is more portable as people can carry it around in their mobile phones instead of a big device. As a social media application, engaging its users is one key concern. When its users have fun with their friends/families while using the augmented effects opens a big opportunity for Facebook.

Live videos and filters

While people look for more opportunities to express themselves, Facebook is on trend to support people’s eagerness to share and post-masking with a variety of filters for live videos.


Unlimited growth of video content

youtube, growth, chart


Really, the growth of video is magnificent. The growth of youtube is apparent and many influencers are jumping on this bandwagon. Video has many exploration areas such as live videos, video content marketing, advertisements or trailer and more…

The best thing about video is that it captures attention. With physical interactions, intriguing music, and amazing story plot, no wonder it’s growing rapidly.

But one thing to note is that video content requires dedicated time and resources. 83% of marketers had this worry due to constraints.


Number of searches


Facebook sees almost 2 billion searches/day and this was a 1.5 billion increase from 2016. Although Google still has the highest searches of 3.5 billion, Facebook is catching up. There is also a Search engine optimisation (SEO) system on Facebook, where the search is able to increase your reach.

It is so exciting to watch how these trends unfold, and they will definitely be topics we will dive into and share more about in the months to come.

Future of social media

Future of social media

future of social media

What is the future of social media? If you are a frequent user, we are not quite sure if you have a concrete answer to.  Ready for a ride into the future? Let’s start.

Increased similarity of platforms

Do you feel that social media platforms are quite similar? Like how Snapchat has that augmented filter, and now Facebook and Instagram have it. It seems that each social media platform launched with a unique niche.

  • Facebook can add friends and share photos

facebook, social media

  • Twitter shares short and concise content

twitter, social media, tweet

  • Instagram presents photos

instagram, application

  • Snapchat allows you to capture the special moments

snapchat, social media, pictures, 24 hours

But now they have a mass amount of followers, therefore, these platforms start to follow a standardised model.

Let’s review, shall we?

Snapchat and Instagram

snapchat, insta story, instagram, 24 hours, highlights

Before Instagram stories, Snapchat was that unpolished, straight in the moment content. It was the place to share with your friends that snap you want to share, and it will be gone after 24 hours. Instagram was the place you share your best photos and captions.

Instagram stories- the fall of Snapchat

The difference between Snapchat and Instagram started to blur when Insta-stories was introduced.

Youtube and Facebook

youtube, facebook, social media

Now, Youtube also allows users to share in the moment photos and captions like facebook statuses.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter

Facebook is also trying out trending stories and go to places/pages like google and twitter.

 Up and coming cool features?

We can see that these platforms are really putting in the effort to be the first among the many to hold users in. And we believe more cool and exciting functions will be made available. For a starter, here’s some:

  • E-commerce: Platform to sell/buy/promote your products/services
  • Reactions: More options for you to better express yourself
  • Articles based on your activity: More relevant pieces for you
  • Virtual reality- now you see it, now you don’t
  • 360-degree video
  • Improved advertisement engagement


Government taps on influencer marketing

Government agencies reaching out to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the current hot topic in Singapore as many news has been reporting on government agencies reaching out to Singaporeans through social media influencers.

With social media, everyone’s information consumption habits evolved around it.

influencer marketing

Is Influencer Marketing appropriate?

right or wrong?

credits: TheDiabetesCouncil.com

The question is, is it wrong for our local government to engage these people to capture the attention of the younger generations? Let’s see.

How popular is Instagram in Singapore

instagram, application

A social media platform, Instagram has one of the highest popularity in Singapore where it is the 3rd highest ranking for connected Singaporeans.

How much time do these young Singaporeans spend with their phones?

This high usage of social media is due to the high exposure these generations are exposed to online. Guess how much Singapore millennials (aged 16 to 30) spend on their mobile phone?

An average of 3.4 hours a day!!

46% of this time is spent on social media, a number worth noticing. Social media has consumed a considerably big part of millennials attention and time. Brands and organisations are diverting their budget to social media channels and influencers to broaden their reach.

Ministry of finance

In order to connect with their younger generations, our local government has also adapted to this new trend to broaden their reach to our young people.

Budget 2018

In a straits times article, its mentioned that the “Ministry of Finance (MOF) has paid for over 50 social media “influencers” to post on Instagram to promote the Budget process”.

Is social media marketing the right way?

Resorting to using social media influencers as a form of outreach to the younger generations deserves more exploration. Many critics and experts highlighted that authenticity and credibility is very crucial. They are important selection criteria as it is very important for brands/organisations to find the perfect representation. One tip is to engage one with relevant product and knowledge experience to effectively align campaign objectives.

Tips to become a successful influencer

Successful influencer marketing

successful influencer

Influencer marketing has emerged as an extremely powerful and efficient marketing tactic for many brands across the globe. As a result, many brands are doubling their marketing budgets on influencers.

Social media evolution

social media, icons

Sure, now almost everyone got an Instagram account, and maybe other social media accounts like Facebook or youtube too. With all these same platforms that everyone are using to earn their living, how can you successfully cut the queue to get a piece of this goodness? There are definitely many highs and lows from working with agencies and brands over these years, here are five takeaways grow your personal brand and start partnering with brands.

Five specific takeaways for you to start growing your name

  • Define your channel

define, yourself, character

Who are you and what do you like/dislike? The most successful influencer make use of their social platforms to connect and answer these questions through their feed and captions. They understand clearly that their channels are clear representatives of their personality and values.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no

its okay, say no

When you define your channel, the brands, and products you endorse also build the trust you build with your followers. As an influencer, your audience is your biggest asset. Nobody knows your platform or your audience better than you. As the audience size grows, your credibility increases and organically brands will come to you for partnerships.

Although it may sound crazy, remember to always stay real. If there is a brand that wants to collaborate with you and you don’t personally use it or believe in it, then remember to always say “no”. The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise the trust that you have painstakingly built with your followers that is the basis for your income.

  • Communication is key


A successful influencer behaves like business to communicate and connect with a brand successfully. One difficult part is that brands deal with businesses any other day but full-time influencers deal with content creations which are very different mediums.

Content creation takes creativity and businesses talks about profiting and gaining market presence. Therefore, it is very important for influencers to communicate clearly, early and frequently. This ensures that the message is being communicated clearly to avoid miscommunication. To put it across simply, the quality of work is closely linked to the quality of communication. Understanding the needs and wants of a brand expands the room for creativity to work its magic on a marketing campaign.

  • Accept feedbacks

feedback, accepting
the same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept – a napkin doodle with a cup of coffee

Feedbacks are key in this industry because ultimately you are creating content for a group of audience. Being open to feedback is very critical to improve your work and credibility to both your audience and bands. Like you know your audience well, marketing managers also know their brand audience best. They have the final say in the final product they are paying you for, and their goals are driven by numbers unlike yours. Being open to feedback brings your channel a long way and cultivates a positive reputation for your brands and followings.

  • Partner and collaborate

partner, noc, wah banana

Every successful influencer is popular in what they are good at. You can build your audience and awareness by producing collaborative videos or marketing projects. Just like how YouTubers invite other influencers as their special guests. This cross-promotion not only promotes healthy relationships in this industry, it also grows one reach quickly. This kind of collaboration also adds a touch of “freshness” for your viewers as they can see new faces!

Building relationships with the people you are earning money from making the entire job more pleasant and enjoyable. This makes them want to continue partnering with you and tadah! A job secured. Word of mouth is also a very reliable source in this industry, who knows they may recommend you for other paid projects?

All in all, it always pays to be a kind and encouraging team player as there are many uncertainties in this industry.

How is it like to be a Singapore influencer?

Life as a Singapore influencer

Being a Singapore influencer, you share your life on social media in exchange for attention and fame. This attracts many advertising opportunities as the more you share the more people follow you. While being famous for social media exchanges for freebies might sound a little too good to be true, this is exactly the life of an influencer in Singapore.

Recent Singapore social media trends

trend, social media

Over the recent years, there has been a surge observed in the social media industry with many young personalities having a few thousands of followers branding themselves as influencers. Their feed usually includes photos of themselves with products or attending different social events. These posts may or may not be sponsored posts, where these influencers partner with the brands and get paid to endorse them. Influencers are paid by post and the price of each post differs for different people.

Singapore social media influencer industry

social media, singapore, industry

Undoubtedly, the social media influencer market has been expanding exponentially over the years.  Many influencer marketing and media company such as Gushcloud, Nuffnang, Faves Asia, Kobe, Starengage had worked with various clients and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Different brands have their own campaign objectives and KPIs to hit through these content creators. The various categories of influencers typically include Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Parenting, and Beauty.

What are the downsides as an influencer?

Although this job may seem all relaxed and easy, there are also downsides as a Singapore influencer. With a huge following across 4 social media platforms, Naomi Neo is a success story. She was afraid to step out of her house when she trended for 3 consecutive days on Twitter in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. The attention attracted was too much that she just wants to avoid people.

Naomi Neo

singapore influencer

Many influencers such as Naomi herself has claimed to feel insecure and had very bad anxiety. She was not the only one that turned into an influencer at such a young age.

Dee Kosh

deekosh, singapore

Dee Kosh, a local Youtuber, and radio personality also agree that starting young as an influencer may have detrimental impacts.

Latest news and anecdotes of prominent Singapore influencers

news, social media

Singapore Influencers

Influencer marketing

According to Straits times Singapore, Singapore influencers marketing is one big growing industry with projection to hit US$5 billion by 2019. How do Singapore influencers compete in securing followers and to remain authentic? The best safety net to fall back on is to always remain real through conducting proper research and sharing actual experiences to their followers.

Here are some updates on some of our old time favourite influencers in Singapore!


Nose and eyes surgery

singapore influencers

If you are Singaporean, you should know Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng offline, a Singapore influencer/blogger who shares her life and opinions on local issues in a provocative fashion. She has been blogging for a decade ever since 2003! In November 2017, Xiaxue went under the knife for her nose and eyes. Yes again!! She has always been very open with sharing her personal experiences with her fans and have uploaded several videos on her personal channel to share about her plastic surgery experiences. If you missed out, here’s the link!

But this time, I promise you it’s different.

plastic surgery, xiaxue, again, nose, eyelid

The crew of guide to life, a long-running Youtube series starring Xiaxue as the host was RIGHT INSIDE the operating theatre with her. Have you guessed it right? Yes! The entire process was recorded down on the camera, and if you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the link! If you have always been curious about plastic surgery, you have to go watch this rare footage of how eyes and nose surgeries are being conducted! You can also find out how she looks like after on her own channel through her recovery vlogs!


The proposal

Next up we have the up and coming beauty and fashion beauty, MongChin Yeoh, alternatively known as Mongabong on social media.

beauty, influencer, singapore, fashion

Her fiance, Matthias finally popped the golden question and had successfully put a ring on her finger! Yes that’s right, Mongabong is off the shelves!

mongabong. instagram, influencer, wedding, proposal

“I like that he’s very trustworthy, smart, driven and always giving. He takes care of my needs and is always there to give me advice about life. Whenever I run into problems at work or at home, I know I can always count on him to help me with it. Someone that sees my problems as his and his as mine, my happiness as his happiness and his as mine…I think that’s very hard to come by.” ~ Mong (Courtesy of theweddingscope.com)

The proposal was a surprise where Mong was tricked into believing that she was on set for jewelry commercial shoot, just like any other day at work. Little did she know that it was recorded and she will make the decision that will change her life forever! You can catch the whole process of this sweet moment from her youtube channel, or click on the link here!

Naomi Neo

naomi neo, singapore, youth, influencer, engagement

The love proposal in Korea

We have another happy news to share with you too! The last Christmas added new meaning to our young social media Singapore influencer, Naomi Neo. because she got engaged last Christmas on the trip to Korea with her fiance!

naomi neo, engagement, korea, ring

She is one of Singapore’s top influencer with a mega following of over 300k! You can also check out her Korea vlog to find out how the proposal went!

Congratulations on your engagements, MongChin and Naomi!

Let’s end this post with something sweet!


melissackoh, instagram, top singapore

New beginnings!

Newlyweds Melissa Celestine Koh, also known as Melissackoh on Instagram and her husband has finally gotten their keys to their new house and it’s also fully furnished! With her beautifully curated feed, are you excited to see how her home looks like? It’s all fully recorded on the home tour video on her youtube channel, click here to view!

Top influencers across Singapore social media platforms

Top blogs in Singapore!

Here are some of the top influencers Singapore you can check it out!

These are some of the influencers Singapore that you will know of or at least heard it from your friends. Let’s understand more in details about them.

ladyironchef, blogger, singapore, blog, food

Started as a humble blog in an attempt to share about personal food experiences, ladyironchef has evolved into Singapore’s leading food and travel website. Behind all the beautifully written articles stands a man with an inexplicable passion for the finer things in life, especially for food and travel.

Known as “ladyironchef”, the mysterious chief editor is actually a gentleman named Brad sharing his personal encounters on his blog, dishing out genuine reviews about food and dining locations, countries, and cities.

At ladyironchef, they pledge to remain sincere and frank when sharing the endorsed products and experiences with their readers on their trusted website.

blogger, singapore

Also known as budget Barbie, otherwise as QiuTing offline, she is one of Singapore’s leading bloggers. Her unique humour and down to earth qualities are reasons for her immense following. She is extremely loyal to her family and friends, often making her love for them known on her blog. Her inclusion of personal stories with a tinge of straightforward humour allows her readers to relate to blog posts.

joke, funny, mr brown, singapore

Known as the blogfather of Singapore famous for his social and political commentary, with his unique writing style encompassing an enjoyable level of wit and analysis sets a high bar for the rest of the blogging arena. His content appeals to an older demographic focusing on current affairs, however, now he is moving more towards lifestyle products promoting brands in his advertising posts in a subtle manner that you would have no idea they were even sponsored.

  • YouTube

An immensely popular free video sharing platform, Youtube makes online content sharing easier. To share, you simply create an account and then start uploading your own videos to share with others. Its never a one-way street, if you are inspired, you can jump in anytime and then start becoming a part of the community! Started in the year 2005, YouTube is now one of the hottest sites on the web.

One reason for its popularity is the pitless number of videos you can find, from food to travel to fashion, you name it, they have it! Fun fact! An average of 100 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so be rest assured, there’s always something new to discover!

Another reason that YouTube is so popular is that it’s all user-generated content, hence making it more interesting! Instead of specially curated videos from major TV companies or movies studios, viewers can find highly interesting content.

If you are interested in joining the YouTube community, you can visit the official YouTube Help channel to aid you in the specifics of the interface.

In conclusion, YouTube is jumping in, record and share your videos or you would like to take a more passive approach, search, click and enjoy!  

Categories of influencers:


  • Lifestyle

Building their social media followings from scratch, which means they have a strong connection with their following. They have a clear understanding of their community behaviour such as interests and behaviours. As a result, they have a higher rating when it comes to authenticity.

@xiaxue (605k)

@Bongqiuqiu (302k)

@Melissackoh (248k)



  • Parenting


@xiaxue (605k)

@bongqiuqiu (302k)

@cheeserland (242k)


  • Food


@ladyironchef (640k)

@littlemissbento (319k)

@danielfooddiary (203k)


  • Gaming


@notgoodgamers (24.7k)

@brendanaw (16.3k)

@nocplays (10.7k)


  • Health and fitness


@sugarrandspice (134k)

@saffronsharpe (120k)

@sandrarileytang (82.4k)


  • Beauty


@speishi (278k)

@mongabong (124k)

@mykxii (106k)


  • Fashion


@mongabong (124k)

@dreachong (301k)

@euniceannabel (203k)


  • Travel





Now that you know some of the influencers Singapore that we have shared, let us know if we have missed out anyone that we should know as well!