Marketing trends 2018: Rise of video content and micro-influencers

marketing trends 2018

Marketing trends 2018: More video content and micro-influencers

Video is taking content marketing by storm. So are micro-influencers, small but impactful. Read on for more.

Marketing trends 2018: 1. Increase popularity of youtube?

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A recent survey by Google found that a staggering 70% of teenage YouTube audiences are more likely to be influenced by YouTubers than by traditional media celebrities – something to consider if your target audience is in the teenage bracket.

Why do teens prefer YouTubers to their favourite celebrities?

The obvious answer is that they are relatable. Let’s take Xiaxue as an example. Yes, she’s an iconic figure in the eyes of impressionable teens, but is her straightforward thinking something they can really relate to? It’s unlikely that an average teen can find common ground with her, but she is Singaporean and she represents the freedom, a relatable personality and lifestyle for many Singaporeans, perhaps.

Why is Youtube so successful?

The survey suggested that YouTube vloggers interact with and listen to their followers, creating the feeling of a friendship rather than a fandom. And that’s the difference. Through weekly videos, they create a bond with their viewers. The content shared are usually more personal, like vlogs, or get ready with me, leading to a more engaged audience.

High engagement is value

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According to the Google survey, the top 25 YouTube stars generated three times as many views, twice as many actions and 12 times as many comments as videos created by celebrities.

Tips for marketers:

It is not always necessary to spend big money on high reach celebrities. Video content is getting really popular, and these YouTube channels creators can be just as beneficial to your brands. Their content are highly attractive when it comes to a younger audience. Always plan out what you want, and what’s necessary for your brand.

Meet the micro-influencers.

Marketing trends 2018:

2. What is a micro-influencer?

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Micro-influencers are influencers with fewer subscribers and followers than those who have hit the big time online. We’re talking fewer than 10,000, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that bigger influencers have.

Micro-influencers are relatable

They come across as more authentic and relatable, and their opinions are more trusted by the public. With a smaller following, they can still afford to keep things personal. They are more likely to find time to respond to comments and messages, meaning that they’re building up stronger trust with their audience. Celebrity and popular influencers can seem a distance apart from their fans and followers as they may be too busy to reply and interact.

Micro-influencers are cost-effective: Small but mighty

Engaging micro-influencers in promoting your brand can actually be more profitable than using star influencers. Smaller influencers have higher audiences value: where their followers trust them better. This, in turn, converting them into customers by impacting their purchase decisions.

What does your brand need?

Before you give up on influencer marketing entirely, you may want to consider and shortlist a few micro-influencers to help your brand connect with new potential crowd.

Free tools to save Instagram videos

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Instagram videos

For many, Instagram has become a regular pastime. While it’s easy enough to take a screenshot or save a single photo, saving videos from the platform is a bit more difficult — but not impossible.

Five tools to keep your favourite Instagram videos as permanent memories

We have separated them into web, iOS and Android for your convenience!


web, instagram videos, download instagram videos

This 2 websites are useful as it’s not limited to downloading only one item from a post.


If you intend to download multiple photos or videos from a single Instagram post — something that’s now possible thanks to Instagram’s carousell feature.

How to use it?

Simply copy the link of the public Instagram post into PostGraber, click the “Go” button, the download starts.




This not only lets you download videos off Instagram, but also albums, photos, profile pictures, and stories. 

How to use it?

You will need  the URL from Instagram.

Simply copy and paste the URL into the website and press download. You will then be directed to a screen that prompts you either to “download” or “return to home”. Once downloaded the file is automatically saved into your downloads folder on your computer.


  • [iOS]

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There are several apps in the App Store that are designed for saving Instagram videos and photos, but, not many of them come free of charge.

InstaSave Repost for Instagram

This app is very easy to use.

How to use it?

Simply download the app, connect your account, and grant the app permission to access your Instagram account. Once you’re signed into Instagram, anything you “like” — whether it be a photo or video — will be saved in a clean, chronological feed. Here, you can also see your likes in the classic grid format with which we’re all accustomed. 

Quick Reposter: Repost Photo

Another free app is Quick Reposter. The app does more than just repost videos, it saves them as well.

How to use it?

You will be prompted to login, but you don’t need to create an account to access the app. Press the tab on the bottom left that says ‘repost “copy link”’, and it will ask you to open Instagram. Once opened, you can simply copy the link of the video you want to save, and it will automatically save it in Quick Reposter.

When the video is finished downloading you will have the option of reposting or saving to your camera roll. There are ads that will pop up, but it’s not overbearing. Download takes seconds and its easy-to-use interface makes this app a go-to pick for iOS.


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This is a great mobile option for Android users.

How to use it?

When browsing Instagram, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the video you’d like to save. Select the Copy Share URL from the resulting menu and open InstaSave. The video will then be listed in your feed. Tap the down arrow below the latest video and select Save — all of your saved videos and photos will appear in this InstaSave feed. You can also easily delete videos directly.

How social media has changed the way dishes are created

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Dishes on social media: For the eyes or tastebuds?

camera, food influencer

Are you team for the eyes or tastebuds on social media? Will diners lose out if chefs choose to make food for the cameras and our eyes?

The ubiquity of social media has forced many chefs from various Food & Beverages stores to adapt.

Should the taste of food be sacrificed for Instagram-worthy shots? Instagram ‘food porn’ photographs… Have potential virality of good photographs, and the potential business place pressure on chefs into making their dishes pleasing to the eye?

Undeniably, there are examples of restaurants consulting lighting experts for that optimal lighting for photographs. Catching on to the “trending” foodgram is also important. For example, the ‘over-the-top’ milkshake trend that was not necessarily tasty or healthy drew in crowds just because they look so temptingly delicious.

Photographs as words

food, photograph, flatlay

Photographs are as though an invitation, they open up our sense. Well, we kind of all eat with our eyes. Wth social media, is taste secondary to getting a good picture? Well you need to ask yourself that.

You know how much Singaporeans love food. We cannot deny that good food doesn’t have to always look good. We have our uniquely home cooked dishses or excellent hawker food. Their appeal to the mass audience proves how taste is important.

Impact of social media on Food

food, social media, presentation

Social media is indeed shaping the food industry, but do be mindful of the impact of influencers or customers actions. You won’t want to lose out if you keep choosing looks over taste every time.

Is it time to really think deeply about what we post on social media and how that affects the way food is created for us? If we are going to get to a different level from just prettiness, then how should photographs of food be oriented?  

What kind of shots can balance this industry?

hawker food sg

Due to time-consuming and meticulous pretentious shots, maybe capturing more “real” shots will receive higher acceptance because everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

This may also lessen the pressure on chefs as they can actually craft up good tasting food without resorting to plating or other tricks to make ugly food look good. I mean, food has to eventually taste good to earn customer’s return visits right?

Social media

Social media brings more business, but as long as you always prepare good food, customers will always come back. If there is no taste but the presentation is nice, customers may come once and never return. It defeats the purpose of having the food as it doesn’t fill the stomach. So, do you agree that taste cannot be sacrificed for aesthetics?  


How to capture the perfect Instagram photo?

Perfect Instagram Photo

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How to find your best Instagram angles? Before you press the capture button, try to conceptualise the image in your mind. You can also scroll through your feed to find out the exact style you want to capture. That will make you understand more about yourself and things you can achieve with your looks and body.

Here are some photo inspirations to save you the scrolling.

  • Proportions and size

proportions, size, image

Every picture tells a story and it is not important to keep all the products in the photo in the frame. Play around with the composition and proportions! Do not fret over the petty things and focus on what the image is trying to convey.

  • Natural light

natural light, scenery, beach

We cannot emphasize how important lighting is in photos. Natural light provides one of the best lightings you can ever have. Do you know that the golden hour has the best lighting? Lighting an hour before and after sunrise and sunset are great timings to catch the golden hour.

When the light is too harsh (e.g. afternoon), pictures may appear too warm (yellowish) with many disturbing shadows. It is commonly known as the ugly yellow effect, that makes editing a chore too. When you are shooting photos in the dark, e.g. at night, consider using white light as it reflects brighter.

  • Adding textures

texture, image, hexagon

Experiment different colours and prints to compliment each other! You may get very impressive results with various textures. Throw them together and start snapping!

Some inspirations include knitted clothes, flatlay, products with the same prints, colour themed.

  • Depth of field

depth of field, focus

It is very important to make sure that you focused on the main subject. With an accurate depth of field, it shows the different depths of a photo. The subject should be highlighted clearly in the picture in order to add dimensions to your photo. It will be extremely crucial to the eyes as the message will be brought across clearly in a second. And that is really what you want to do, to capture attention in one second.

  • #OOTD shots

ootd shots,

The best #ootd shots are all about finding the perfect balance with the colours in the photo. Be clear of what colour best contrast your skin colour/make up. Making the colours enhance your features is one very good tool. It is also about knowing how your body looks with the different angles. You will be pleased if you know your angles well enough. For example, the angle to snap when you are wearing heels in comparison to flats. Typically, the best angle would be from the bottom up so that you will look taller. Know your best facial angle let your photographer know in advance.

  • Flatlay

flatlay, monochrome

Good things take lots of practice and hard work, the perfect top Instagram angle offers a lot of interesting perspectives. It forces you to be more detailed and put more considerations in your photos. As the name suggests, you capture the top view. To do this, tou may have to stand on a chair or take photos from a high enough angle for full comprehensivity. As we suggest earlier, you can add items and customise your background because every single item plays a massive role in the entirety of the photo. Experiment with different items and capture these photos. Choose the one you think looks the best and start working towards the direction.