Cute dog accounts you should check out!

Cute dogs in Singapore

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So cute and so famous! Believe it or not, they have more followers than some of you! Living the real dog life, they even throw birthday parties with cake that only they can eat T_T

They even have cool doggo cafes where they can hang out and make friends! 2018 is really the year of dogs, and here’s some cute local dog accounts to celebrate the year of Dogs.


archie, where is archie, dog, singapore

A handsome Brother (via adoptive parents), this Shiba Inu can be quite “dao” to new faces and strangers. Unlike his brother, coming next, he is really such a looker! Less active and more aloof than his brother, we forgive him since he looks so gooooood. Cute photos of the two brothers adventures are availble on their feed! Check out Baileys, his brother next!!

Baileys (@whereisbaileys)

baileys, singapore dog

Hmmmm Baileys, slightly sweet and milky! Baileys is indeed a gentle and tiny resident dog at Free The Robot (a cake at Telok Ayer). A mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua is gonna make your heart go awwwwwwww. Known to pop his head out of the window at the cafe, remember to keep a lookout when you visit! Do not be surprised if he greets you with a lick while you are there!!

Cute humans and cute god can be found right here at this account!

Let’s welcome Plato!


plato, dog, frenchie, singapore dog

He is a famous dog, that even has a book about him!! It’s c alled Plato and the missing bed, where you can browse in selected bookstores around town! Catch pictures of him hanging out with his human siblings. Happiness is guaranteed!!

This dog may have went to more countries than we dig. This cute Pomeranian named Cookie recently moved to New York… And have already travelled to Canada… WOW…

The eyes are to die for, check them out here!!


pugworth, pug, dog, singapore

ANYBODY LOVES PUGS!! So small so cute, a dog that drools too much… WOW, mind you Pugworth is really worthy as he is famous! Remember those cute ads by UberPET, he’s the model! An all rounder that well… farts… snores… and a runner. Don’t you already love him?

Baby buncha

baby buncha, thejianhaotan, debbwie, debbie, dog, couple, cute dog

Baby buncha! With a smashing 70.9k followers, this white cuties has more followers than some influencers out there! Check out his profile for many cute photos that you never know can be edited with a dog’s face!! The latest one was Baby Buncha as an Ice cream flavour… Hmmmm…

These pet owners have put in great effort for these pet accounts to grow into where they are! Keep working and we love all your accounts! Kudos to all pet owners!