Instagram rolls out online green-dot

instagram online green-dot

Instagram online green-dot

Instagram has rolled out a new feature instagram online green-dot that will tell users when their friends are online. There is option to disable the green dot, which can be accessed from Settings menu on the app.

Instagram will now put a green dot next to profile pictures of their friends as well as people they follow to indicate they are online. The green dot, similar to the green dot on Messenger, will appear in Direct and also while sharing posts via Direct.

instagram online green-dot

I want to disable it!

There is option to disable the green dot, which can be accessed from Settings menu on the app.

Latest updates on Instagram before the green-dot


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In addition, Instagram will also show recent activity status of users with timestamps such as ‘Active 20m ago’, ‘Active yesterday’, and more.

How to disable?

To disable instagram online green-dot, one will need to open ‘Activity Status’ toggle from the Settings menu. People who disable green dot for their own account will not be able to see activity status of others as well.

Why the update?

“DMing friends and connecting over the content you love is more fun when you know your friends are there to see it. This update gives you the ability to have more of those realtime conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether,” Instagram said in a blog post.

Updates you can look forward to:instagram online green-dot

Instagram is reportedly working on a non-SMS, two-factor authentication system that would work with security apps like Google Authenticator. The two-factor authentication system will generate a special login code in case of theft or hacking. Instagram recently added support for adaptive icon for Android users included in the alpha Android update. The update allows the Instagram icon shape to change to what the user’s device support.

Congratulations Naomi Neo!

Naomi Neo is pregnant!

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As the header suggests, here’s some exciting details about this young influencer legend about her new journey in life. There have been many speculations ever since Naomi released her wedding video after a short break she took in preparation for her wedding. While netizens are catching up on her big wedding reveal, Naomi releases another video on her main channel sharing that she’s pregnant for six months!

Naomi Neo’s big pregnancy reveal

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In her video, she stated that she has been keeping the secret for half a year now since October 2017. Needless to say, she was pregnant when she got married at her first trimester. Now it’s clear why her wedding gown was designed that way.

What did her boyfriend say?

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Her then boyfriend, now husband was very supportive when Naomi cracked the news to him. While Naomi feel the other end of the spectrum, and claimed that she was afraid due to the uncertainties. Nevertheless, we would like to congratulate Naomi as she admits that she was very happy and at ease when the boyfriend was very supportive, he even went to the extent of coming up with reasons to not abort the baby. She is currently healthy, and happy with her status quo.

Now, you must be curious about what her family thinks.

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Naomi was afraid to share it with her family as her family is one that is conservative. Surprisingly, she was glad when all her family members were supportive of her decision, and felt extremely relieved to receive the positive energy from her family.

How does it feel to have a baby?

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Reaching the middle of the video, she mentioned that keeping the baby bump a secret was a struggle. Sharing the fact that she went through a phase of loneliness as she did not have many trustable friends to share her pregnancy news to. Also, she wasn’t able to perform her usual “influencer” duties as the baby bump limits her area of work to simple and easy projects.

Why keep it a secret?

Her reason for keeping it a secret was to avoid negativity and unnecessary comments. She wants to remain positive and focused during her pregnancy so as to provide the best physical and emotional state for her baby to grow well. And it is really good for her that people close to her respect her choices, and other people should too.

What did she experience?

In the video, Naomi said that she experienced intense vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, as much as six times daily. Currently, she said that she also did not experience any increase in appetite or preference for certain food. But she has definitely gained more weight, where she claimed to be at the heaviest she has ever been.

This pregnancy reveal video is one of Naomi’s realest sharing about her personal experience, where she mentioned a lot of personal matters. One part is that she shared her personal view on getting pregnant before marriage, where she claimed this view to be a social stigma.

Where people will judge everything about you anyway, so it really best to follow your heart.

Now here’s the exciting part, what’s the gender of Naomi’s baby?

Since she is entering into her third trimester, the gender of the baby should be made known to Naomi! However, Naomi specifically clarified that she wants to keep the gender of the baby a secret. But she may reveal more of that on her social platforms, so look out for that! Good news is that both the mother and baby are both healthy and growing well. She mentions that she is very excited to enter into a new phase in life, to be a mum. In addition, she claimed her life experiences have contributed and shaped her views on parenting.

Where is Facebook heading towards?

Future of Social media- Facebook

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What do you think the future of social media looks like? Here are some clues to show you what the technology future beyond looks like. With so much happening in the social media segment, it feels good to take everything slowly and observe what has changed in this landscape. Let’s discuss the trends using Facebook.


Customisable content- Augmented reality, filters, and live videos

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Snapchat was the first to bring augmented reality to life through camera lenses. And then pokemon go turn it up to a higher degree as though you can now see it in real life.

Augmented reality

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Augmented reality has gained global attention, and Facebook has turned itself into something like snapchat. It has its own set of filters as well. Moving away from virtual reality, augmented reality is more portable as people can carry it around in their mobile phones instead of a big device. As a social media application, engaging its users is one key concern. When its users have fun with their friends/families while using the augmented effects opens a big opportunity for Facebook.

Live videos and filters

While people look for more opportunities to express themselves, Facebook is on trend to support people’s eagerness to share and post-masking with a variety of filters for live videos.


Unlimited growth of video content

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Really, the growth of video is magnificent. The growth of youtube is apparent and many influencers are jumping on this bandwagon. Video has many exploration areas such as live videos, video content marketing, advertisements or trailer and more…

The best thing about video is that it captures attention. With physical interactions, intriguing music, and amazing story plot, no wonder it’s growing rapidly.

But one thing to note is that video content requires dedicated time and resources. 83% of marketers had this worry due to constraints.


Number of searches


Facebook sees almost 2 billion searches/day and this was a 1.5 billion increase from 2016. Although Google still has the highest searches of 3.5 billion, Facebook is catching up. There is also a Search engine optimisation (SEO) system on Facebook, where the search is able to increase your reach.

It is so exciting to watch how these trends unfold, and they will definitely be topics we will dive into and share more about in the months to come.

Latest news and anecdotes of prominent Singapore influencers

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Singapore Influencers

Influencer marketing

According to Straits times Singapore, Singapore influencers marketing is one big growing industry with projection to hit US$5 billion by 2019. How do Singapore influencers compete in securing followers and to remain authentic? The best safety net to fall back on is to always remain real through conducting proper research and sharing actual experiences to their followers.

Here are some updates on some of our old time favourite influencers in Singapore!


Nose and eyes surgery

singapore influencers

If you are Singaporean, you should know Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng offline, a Singapore influencer/blogger who shares her life and opinions on local issues in a provocative fashion. She has been blogging for a decade ever since 2003! In November 2017, Xiaxue went under the knife for her nose and eyes. Yes again!! She has always been very open with sharing her personal experiences with her fans and have uploaded several videos on her personal channel to share about her plastic surgery experiences. If you missed out, here’s the link!

But this time, I promise you it’s different.

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The crew of guide to life, a long-running Youtube series starring Xiaxue as the host was RIGHT INSIDE the operating theatre with her. Have you guessed it right? Yes! The entire process was recorded down on the camera, and if you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the link! If you have always been curious about plastic surgery, you have to go watch this rare footage of how eyes and nose surgeries are being conducted! You can also find out how she looks like after on her own channel through her recovery vlogs!


The proposal

Next up we have the up and coming beauty and fashion beauty, MongChin Yeoh, alternatively known as Mongabong on social media.

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Her fiance, Matthias finally popped the golden question and had successfully put a ring on her finger! Yes that’s right, Mongabong is off the shelves!

mongabong. instagram, influencer, wedding, proposal

“I like that he’s very trustworthy, smart, driven and always giving. He takes care of my needs and is always there to give me advice about life. Whenever I run into problems at work or at home, I know I can always count on him to help me with it. Someone that sees my problems as his and his as mine, my happiness as his happiness and his as mine…I think that’s very hard to come by.” ~ Mong (Courtesy of

The proposal was a surprise where Mong was tricked into believing that she was on set for jewelry commercial shoot, just like any other day at work. Little did she know that it was recorded and she will make the decision that will change her life forever! You can catch the whole process of this sweet moment from her youtube channel, or click on the link here!

Naomi Neo

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The love proposal in Korea

We have another happy news to share with you too! The last Christmas added new meaning to our young social media Singapore influencer, Naomi Neo. because she got engaged last Christmas on the trip to Korea with her fiance!

naomi neo, engagement, korea, ring

She is one of Singapore’s top influencer with a mega following of over 300k! You can also check out her Korea vlog to find out how the proposal went!

Congratulations on your engagements, MongChin and Naomi!

Let’s end this post with something sweet!


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New beginnings!

Newlyweds Melissa Celestine Koh, also known as Melissackoh on Instagram and her husband has finally gotten their keys to their new house and it’s also fully furnished! With her beautifully curated feed, are you excited to see how her home looks like? It’s all fully recorded on the home tour video on her youtube channel, click here to view!