Where is Instagram heading towards?


Do you own an account? If you do, you’d probably noticed these trends on Instagram.

  • Live videosinstagram, gif, likes

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The place to be where you see pretty pictures with capturing captions, Instagram wants to be that. The place to share the world’s moments through captures. With 550 million monthly users, it has come a long way to be one of the top social media platforms. It never fails to disappoint (maybe except the algorithm), but Instagram took it to the next level with live videos.

Now, influencers are able to communicate and share with their followers whenever they want. It generates authentic content where information is shared live, with no edits.

  • Instagram Stories

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Snapchat’s 24 hours stories were also launched on Instagram to engage users when the posts feed get boring. Its all about expressing yourself through visuals. Getting updated is almost becoming a habit. Therefore, a story is a tangible form of keeping your moments in snaps. Although not the best to keep it on your feed, you can now also share through stories. Stories have also evolved with more creativity where we can see that Instagram did put in some effort to perfect this story function.

Some new updates can be found here.

  • GIFs

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The increase in moving animations, videos, GIFs is apparent. Enough of static beautiful pictures, videos will be the next big thing. The partnership with GIPHY, a platform where people shares GIFs, users can now customise stories with GIFs to add that something extra that was missing.

  • Business profiles

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The advertisement is one of Instagram’s unique selling point. They are getting serious with their business tools to enhance the experience for brands and also for consumers. The release of the business tool pack- business profiles, business email, contact, analytics and the paid partnership function. Advertisements are becoming easier and more direct for consumers. We see now that advertisements are no longer webpage banners, they are on your timeline too.

Tips to become a successful influencer

Successful influencer marketing

successful influencer

Influencer marketing has emerged as an extremely powerful and efficient marketing tactic for many brands across the globe. As a result, many brands are doubling their marketing budgets on influencers.

Social media evolution

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Sure, now almost everyone got an Instagram account, and maybe other social media accounts like Facebook or youtube too. With all these same platforms that everyone are using to earn their living, how can you successfully cut the queue to get a piece of this goodness? There are definitely many highs and lows from working with agencies and brands over these years, here are five takeaways grow your personal brand and start partnering with brands.

Five specific takeaways for you to start growing your name

  • Define your channel

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Who are you and what do you like/dislike? The most successful influencer make use of their social platforms to connect and answer these questions through their feed and captions. They understand clearly that their channels are clear representatives of their personality and values.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no

its okay, say no

When you define your channel, the brands, and products you endorse also build the trust you build with your followers. As an influencer, your audience is your biggest asset. Nobody knows your platform or your audience better than you. As the audience size grows, your credibility increases and organically brands will come to you for partnerships.

Although it may sound crazy, remember to always stay real. If there is a brand that wants to collaborate with you and you don’t personally use it or believe in it, then remember to always say “no”. The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise the trust that you have painstakingly built with your followers that is the basis for your income.

  • Communication is key


A successful influencer behaves like business to communicate and connect with a brand successfully. One difficult part is that brands deal with businesses any other day but full-time influencers deal with content creations which are very different mediums.

Content creation takes creativity and businesses talks about profiting and gaining market presence. Therefore, it is very important for influencers to communicate clearly, early and frequently. This ensures that the message is being communicated clearly to avoid miscommunication. To put it across simply, the quality of work is closely linked to the quality of communication. Understanding the needs and wants of a brand expands the room for creativity to work its magic on a marketing campaign.

  • Accept feedbacks

feedback, accepting
the same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept – a napkin doodle with a cup of coffee

Feedbacks are key in this industry because ultimately you are creating content for a group of audience. Being open to feedback is very critical to improve your work and credibility to both your audience and bands. Like you know your audience well, marketing managers also know their brand audience best. They have the final say in the final product they are paying you for, and their goals are driven by numbers unlike yours. Being open to feedback brings your channel a long way and cultivates a positive reputation for your brands and followings.

  • Partner and collaborate

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Every successful influencer is popular in what they are good at. You can build your audience and awareness by producing collaborative videos or marketing projects. Just like how YouTubers invite other influencers as their special guests. This cross-promotion not only promotes healthy relationships in this industry, it also grows one reach quickly. This kind of collaboration also adds a touch of “freshness” for your viewers as they can see new faces!

Building relationships with the people you are earning money from making the entire job more pleasant and enjoyable. This makes them want to continue partnering with you and tadah! A job secured. Word of mouth is also a very reliable source in this industry, who knows they may recommend you for other paid projects?

All in all, it always pays to be a kind and encouraging team player as there are many uncertainties in this industry.

How is it like to be a Singapore influencer?

Life as a Singapore influencer

Being a Singapore influencer, you share your life on social media in exchange for attention and fame. This attracts many advertising opportunities as the more you share the more people follow you. While being famous for social media exchanges for freebies might sound a little too good to be true, this is exactly the life of an influencer in Singapore.

Recent Singapore social media trends

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Over the recent years, there has been a surge observed in the social media industry with many young personalities having a few thousands of followers branding themselves as influencers. Their feed usually includes photos of themselves with products or attending different social events. These posts may or may not be sponsored posts, where these influencers partner with the brands and get paid to endorse them. Influencers are paid by post and the price of each post differs for different people.

Singapore social media influencer industry

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Undoubtedly, the social media influencer market has been expanding exponentially over the years.  Many influencer marketing and media company such as Gushcloud, Nuffnang, Faves Asia, Kobe, Starengage had worked with various clients and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Different brands have their own campaign objectives and KPIs to hit through these content creators. The various categories of influencers typically include Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Parenting, and Beauty.

What are the downsides as an influencer?

Although this job may seem all relaxed and easy, there are also downsides as a Singapore influencer. With a huge following across 4 social media platforms, Naomi Neo is a success story. She was afraid to step out of her house when she trended for 3 consecutive days on Twitter in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. The attention attracted was too much that she just wants to avoid people.

Naomi Neo

singapore influencer

Many influencers such as Naomi herself has claimed to feel insecure and had very bad anxiety. She was not the only one that turned into an influencer at such a young age.

Dee Kosh

deekosh, singapore

Dee Kosh, a local Youtuber, and radio personality also agree that starting young as an influencer may have detrimental impacts.