Influencer Marketing For Older Generations

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How to use influencer marketing on older generations?

Millennial is set to officially become the largest living adult generation in 2019, with population numbers soaring to 73 million. It’s no wonder so many brands are focused on cracking this diverse, evolving segment with over $200 billion in buying power.

The real spending power lies in the older generations

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Well, it explains. They have worked and definitely have accumulated their wealth over time. But, they’re often being overlooked by marketers. 

With huge spending power, brands may want to start looking and them. One way to reach them is through an effective, authentic way to reach them.

Market to where your audience are at

While millennial are in the lead when it comes to tech adoption, older people are definitely online and active. They have to adapt to the tech boom too!

Many of them are on social media, along with the millennial. Do not forget that they not only have money, they have the time too! Means more time online 🙂

Platforms your audience are on

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Facebook is by far the preferred platform. Content sharing on Facebook is really a popular option for them. In order to reach your target using influencer marketing campaigns, you can try to include a strong facebook sharing plan. Video content is really growing, so you can also consider incorporating short, instructive video content. 

Partner with influencer that know your audience 

You need influencers who understand the lifestyle needs and interests of a more mature audience. One way is to search for people of similar age or have a strong connection to them.

Influencers who can connect with audiences who are in similar situations often have powerful, personal stories to share. You can always use a mix of influencers, and that can increase your bang for your buck!  Allow influencers to share your brand message in their own authentic voices.

Tailor Your Content

The content for matured audience shouldn’t look exactly the same as a millennial campaign. As mentioned earlier, millennials greatly prefer aesthetics, boomers are drawn to written content and video.

As they have more time, older consumers do not mind spending more time and effort into research.  Therefore, content targeted to them should be highly informative, with a value proposition that is explained. Do not try too hard and push the price tag right in front of their screens.

Their interest are in products and services that enhance their quality of life. They’re much more likely to engage with respectful and meaningful messaging that acknowledges their interest in supporting an active, healthy lifestyle. Influencer marketing, when done right, is the perfect vehicle for reaching this valuable and often overlooked audience.

How to capture the perfect Instagram photo?

Perfect Instagram Photo

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How to find your best Instagram angles? Before you press the capture button, try to conceptualise the image in your mind. You can also scroll through your feed to find out the exact style you want to capture. That will make you understand more about yourself and things you can achieve with your looks and body.

Here are some photo inspirations to save you the scrolling.

  • Proportions and size

proportions, size, image

Every picture tells a story and it is not important to keep all the products in the photo in the frame. Play around with the composition and proportions! Do not fret over the petty things and focus on what the image is trying to convey.

  • Natural light

natural light, scenery, beach

We cannot emphasize how important lighting is in photos. Natural light provides one of the best lightings you can ever have. Do you know that the golden hour has the best lighting? Lighting an hour before and after sunrise and sunset are great timings to catch the golden hour.

When the light is too harsh (e.g. afternoon), pictures may appear too warm (yellowish) with many disturbing shadows. It is commonly known as the ugly yellow effect, that makes editing a chore too. When you are shooting photos in the dark, e.g. at night, consider using white light as it reflects brighter.

  • Adding textures

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Experiment different colours and prints to compliment each other! You may get very impressive results with various textures. Throw them together and start snapping!

Some inspirations include knitted clothes, flatlay, products with the same prints, colour themed.

  • Depth of field

depth of field, focus

It is very important to make sure that you focused on the main subject. With an accurate depth of field, it shows the different depths of a photo. The subject should be highlighted clearly in the picture in order to add dimensions to your photo. It will be extremely crucial to the eyes as the message will be brought across clearly in a second. And that is really what you want to do, to capture attention in one second.

  • #OOTD shots

ootd shots,

The best #ootd shots are all about finding the perfect balance with the colours in the photo. Be clear of what colour best contrast your skin colour/make up. Making the colours enhance your features is one very good tool. It is also about knowing how your body looks with the different angles. You will be pleased if you know your angles well enough. For example, the angle to snap when you are wearing heels in comparison to flats. Typically, the best angle would be from the bottom up so that you will look taller. Know your best facial angle let your photographer know in advance.

  • Flatlay

flatlay, monochrome

Good things take lots of practice and hard work, the perfect top Instagram angle offers a lot of interesting perspectives. It forces you to be more detailed and put more considerations in your photos. As the name suggests, you capture the top view. To do this, tou may have to stand on a chair or take photos from a high enough angle for full comprehensivity. As we suggest earlier, you can add items and customise your background because every single item plays a massive role in the entirety of the photo. Experiment with different items and capture these photos. Choose the one you think looks the best and start working towards the direction.

@speishi shares her online stories


@speishi, instagram, blog

With the “girl next door”online personality, Pei Shi is one gentle girl you see online.

“Getting out of my comfort zone”, Pei Shi shared on an interview with nuyou that she was an introvert in school, to the extent that she often got bullied in school!

Why did she start with a blog

Truth to be told, she do not have confidants at that point in life. Luckily, she started her on blog at the right age and time. She was thoroughly engaged in it, and cheers to finally having a platform to share her feelings. Through her blog, she became happier and more relaxed. Originally only with a blog, she started a Youtube channel due to an invitation by a friend. With more partnerships across channel, she gained more experience and confidence. Finally, she decided to start her own to share about her daily skincare musings or beauty techniques.

What is the most attractive about her?

@speishi, pei shi, instagram

She was asked what was the most attractive about her, and she humbly responded that she is in no position to give any comment. But she said her friends claimed to be her character. This has got to be due to her “girl next door” vibes that make people feel comfortable. Her youtube channel is also very relatable to real life scenarios, making it easy and practical to learn.  

Effects of starting at 15

@speishi, instagram

Throwing back to her success at age 15, Pei Shi shared that she thought she was the youngest in this online arena. But there are now more young girls approaching this online personality area. This has affected her in many ways, and one way is that although she is still young but not “fresh” in this industry anymore.

Although really young, but her fame has brought her to the common level with her seniors, and indeed that she is not as “fresh” anymore.

However, will she stop despite this?

She answers that this industry is very practical, and once you take a haul, others will replace you. Despite being already very used to this environment,  she has no attempt to develop this into a full-time career. This state can be a hobby and she doesn’t want to give herself too much pressure.

Essentially, she rather take it with a smile given the current situation!

Treasure what she has

@speishi, peishi, instagram

Always doing it based on her passion, Pei Shi regards this online job as part of her daily life. It is not a job. But having the ability to earn from a “job” that she likes makes her very happy. But she cannot imagine herself still doing this at age 80. She is glad that she is able to travel the world based on the job as an influencer.

To become an online personality has both good and bad, but there are more good than bad. For example, having the opportunity to attend a china production 《头脑风暴》, where she discussed the topic of becoming famous overnight with many hot online personalities. I have a sense of accomplishment with this opportunity to attend these overseas productions at this age.

Currently, Pei Shi is in a dilemma to continue studying or working. She hasn’t made a decision but are having plans to start her own career. In the mean time, she is still glad that she has the job as an “influencer”so at least she is not lazing around at home.

The power of social media in Singapore


Social media influencers

Did you know that Singapore is one of the most socially connected countries on earth? According to a survey, people in Singapore use instant messages more frequently in South-east Asia. Females are more active users, and we clocked the highest usage frequency with 79% over 7 days. 

Singapore social media landscape

social media, singapore

Directing to Singaporean social media statistics, Facebook memberships and usages are at a skyhigh. With a ratio of 9 in 10 having access to a smartphone, we trump global smartphone penetration.

The way to own a successful business in Singapore is, therefore, through social media. The fastest route to your customers seems like engaging social influencers.

Although engaging with these social influencers can be challenging, but it can be rewarding. If you own a quality product or service, these influencers will become your best brand advocates.

Difference between traditional marketing vs influencer marketing

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Unlike regular passive advertising approach, where people have the choice to ignore or take it with the obvious intention to sell. Influencer advertising is like a recommendation by the friend who you trust. It is that extra “oh, I didn’t know” that pushes your purchase decision.

What to avoid in influencer marketing

It is not all rosy in influencer marketing, there are dangers too. If you fail to deliver what you promised, devastating effect is expected.

Tips for influencer marketing


The fashion of influencer marketing is the digital notion of the old fashioned “word of mouth”. Start catching up with the usage of the current most powerful influencers, as your competitors probably are. It’s time to switch up your marketing game! Start turning most followed quality influencers into band advocates with persuasion and relationship building.

Let them know you want to work with them! One way could be through sending PR kits- showcasing your products with personalised handwritten cards!

How powerful is social media word of mouth?

74% of consumers rely on social networks in their purchases. It is a growing area where brands need to start focusing on to maximise sales in Singapore.

Social media in Singapore?

social media, marketing

Tapping into social media marketing is not a wrong choice in Singapore, due to it’s peoples’ to take risks in purchases. With word of mouth advertising, products/services endorsed by a celebrity, friends, or respected influencers enjoy surge in purchases. Budgeting into social marketing early is not only wise, but important for your brand’s campaigns.


As a status-driven society, millennials in Singapore follow influencers as role models. Even in behaviours, choice of brands, especially what to wear and buy. The reminding importance of third party recommendations is why influencer marketing is winning.

It is never too late

Start to include social influencers in your public relations, best of all, remember that they are humans not tools! Manage and develop them to become powerful advocates of your brand with care.

Why do people turn to influencers for information?

Influencers on social media

What are the uses of social media for these influencers?

The influencers uses social media to share and stay in touch, they support what brands and products they believe in through their accounts.


Breaking down the main uses of social media in further details:

  • Connect with your favourite people- loved ones, friends, people


Social media allows you to connect with people on a global scale. The most commonly used platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Skype are the most convenient and fastest growing platforms to connect people. One common thing about these platforms are the social factor, where you can contact people (anytime and anywhere). The connection you used to think is impossible is now made so much easier with these social channels. Distance is no longer a challenge, and now influencers are making use of that to share what they believe through the platforms. The instant updates followers can get from these influencers ease the burden of trying the products themselves.

  • Sharing passionately- enhanced credibility

People generally love the act of sharing, and the attention. The constant need to express themselves and let their feelings and/or experiences made known to others is the root basis of how social media came about. Different people with different opinions on topic come together to share and generate varying responses and readers/audiences can gain and selectively learn from them. With similar values and experiences, influencers gain value among their readers. That’s really how their numbers grow. WIth social media, it’s so easy to connect with people. You share about the things you love, and that’s how people believe in you.

Did you know that 90% of the audiences believe in what influencers say than brands?

  • To support a cause/ brand

types of influencers

Social media can be an effective tool to drive actions as it builds awareness. When influencers update their social media with brands information- they are essentially spreading awareness. Through their profiles, brands can reach out to their target audience more effective. Influencers are trusted voices and can be extremely effective at spreading the word. This alone, is enough to encourage topics and actions among their followers. One example would be the ice bucket challenge, where many people challenged themselves on instagram to pour a bucket of ice water over themselves. Celebrities, politicians and influencers all videoed their acts, and this spread promoted awareness. The act of pouring ice water over one also encouraged people to be more involved, and support Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a form of neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.

  • FOMO (Fear of missing out) and keep up with trends

fomo, fear of missing out

People turn to social media platforms as that’s the “hot” place where people talk and share information. Influencers play a major role in selling and promoting a company, and these social media platforms become essentially a “marketplace”. Influencers are essentially cheaper and more reliable as an option of representation to ensure that their products is stretched to its maximum possibility.

Government taps on influencer marketing

Government agencies reaching out to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the current hot topic in Singapore as many news has been reporting on government agencies reaching out to Singaporeans through social media influencers.

With social media, everyone’s information consumption habits evolved around it.

influencer marketing

Is Influencer Marketing appropriate?

right or wrong?


The question is, is it wrong for our local government to engage these people to capture the attention of the younger generations? Let’s see.

How popular is Instagram in Singapore

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A social media platform, Instagram has one of the highest popularity in Singapore where it is the 3rd highest ranking for connected Singaporeans.

How much time do these young Singaporeans spend with their phones?

This high usage of social media is due to the high exposure these generations are exposed to online. Guess how much Singapore millennials (aged 16 to 30) spend on their mobile phone?

An average of 3.4 hours a day!!

46% of this time is spent on social media, a number worth noticing. Social media has consumed a considerably big part of millennials attention and time. Brands and organisations are diverting their budget to social media channels and influencers to broaden their reach.

Ministry of finance

In order to connect with their younger generations, our local government has also adapted to this new trend to broaden their reach to our young people.

Budget 2018

In a straits times article, its mentioned that the “Ministry of Finance (MOF) has paid for over 50 social media “influencers” to post on Instagram to promote the Budget process”.

Is social media marketing the right way?

Resorting to using social media influencers as a form of outreach to the younger generations deserves more exploration. Many critics and experts highlighted that authenticity and credibility is very crucial. They are important selection criteria as it is very important for brands/organisations to find the perfect representation. One tip is to engage one with relevant product and knowledge experience to effectively align campaign objectives.

Tips to become a successful influencer

Successful influencer marketing

successful influencer

Influencer marketing has emerged as an extremely powerful and efficient marketing tactic for many brands across the globe. As a result, many brands are doubling their marketing budgets on influencers.

Social media evolution

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Sure, now almost everyone got an Instagram account, and maybe other social media accounts like Facebook or youtube too. With all these same platforms that everyone are using to earn their living, how can you successfully cut the queue to get a piece of this goodness? There are definitely many highs and lows from working with agencies and brands over these years, here are five takeaways grow your personal brand and start partnering with brands.

Five specific takeaways for you to start growing your name

  • Define your channel

define, yourself, character

Who are you and what do you like/dislike? The most successful influencer make use of their social platforms to connect and answer these questions through their feed and captions. They understand clearly that their channels are clear representatives of their personality and values.

  • Don’t be afraid to say no

its okay, say no

When you define your channel, the brands, and products you endorse also build the trust you build with your followers. As an influencer, your audience is your biggest asset. Nobody knows your platform or your audience better than you. As the audience size grows, your credibility increases and organically brands will come to you for partnerships.

Although it may sound crazy, remember to always stay real. If there is a brand that wants to collaborate with you and you don’t personally use it or believe in it, then remember to always say “no”. The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise the trust that you have painstakingly built with your followers that is the basis for your income.

  • Communication is key


A successful influencer behaves like business to communicate and connect with a brand successfully. One difficult part is that brands deal with businesses any other day but full-time influencers deal with content creations which are very different mediums.

Content creation takes creativity and businesses talks about profiting and gaining market presence. Therefore, it is very important for influencers to communicate clearly, early and frequently. This ensures that the message is being communicated clearly to avoid miscommunication. To put it across simply, the quality of work is closely linked to the quality of communication. Understanding the needs and wants of a brand expands the room for creativity to work its magic on a marketing campaign.

  • Accept feedbacks

feedback, accepting
the same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept – a napkin doodle with a cup of coffee

Feedbacks are key in this industry because ultimately you are creating content for a group of audience. Being open to feedback is very critical to improve your work and credibility to both your audience and bands. Like you know your audience well, marketing managers also know their brand audience best. They have the final say in the final product they are paying you for, and their goals are driven by numbers unlike yours. Being open to feedback brings your channel a long way and cultivates a positive reputation for your brands and followings.

  • Partner and collaborate

partner, noc, wah banana

Every successful influencer is popular in what they are good at. You can build your audience and awareness by producing collaborative videos or marketing projects. Just like how YouTubers invite other influencers as their special guests. This cross-promotion not only promotes healthy relationships in this industry, it also grows one reach quickly. This kind of collaboration also adds a touch of “freshness” for your viewers as they can see new faces!

Building relationships with the people you are earning money from making the entire job more pleasant and enjoyable. This makes them want to continue partnering with you and tadah! A job secured. Word of mouth is also a very reliable source in this industry, who knows they may recommend you for other paid projects?

All in all, it always pays to be a kind and encouraging team player as there are many uncertainties in this industry.

How is it like to be a Singapore influencer?

Life as a Singapore influencer

Being a Singapore influencer, you share your life on social media in exchange for attention and fame. This attracts many advertising opportunities as the more you share the more people follow you. While being famous for social media exchanges for freebies might sound a little too good to be true, this is exactly the life of an influencer in Singapore.

Recent Singapore social media trends

trend, social media

Over the recent years, there has been a surge observed in the social media industry with many young personalities having a few thousands of followers branding themselves as influencers. Their feed usually includes photos of themselves with products or attending different social events. These posts may or may not be sponsored posts, where these influencers partner with the brands and get paid to endorse them. Influencers are paid by post and the price of each post differs for different people.

Singapore social media influencer industry

social media, singapore, industry

Undoubtedly, the social media influencer market has been expanding exponentially over the years.  Many influencer marketing and media company such as Gushcloud, Nuffnang, Faves Asia, Kobe, Starengage had worked with various clients and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Different brands have their own campaign objectives and KPIs to hit through these content creators. The various categories of influencers typically include Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Parenting, and Beauty.

What are the downsides as an influencer?

Although this job may seem all relaxed and easy, there are also downsides as a Singapore influencer. With a huge following across 4 social media platforms, Naomi Neo is a success story. She was afraid to step out of her house when she trended for 3 consecutive days on Twitter in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. The attention attracted was too much that she just wants to avoid people.

Naomi Neo

singapore influencer

Many influencers such as Naomi herself has claimed to feel insecure and had very bad anxiety. She was not the only one that turned into an influencer at such a young age.

Dee Kosh

deekosh, singapore

Dee Kosh, a local Youtuber, and radio personality also agree that starting young as an influencer may have detrimental impacts.

Latest news and anecdotes of prominent Singapore influencers

news, social media

Singapore Influencers

Influencer marketing

According to Straits times Singapore, Singapore influencers marketing is one big growing industry with projection to hit US$5 billion by 2019. How do Singapore influencers compete in securing followers and to remain authentic? The best safety net to fall back on is to always remain real through conducting proper research and sharing actual experiences to their followers.

Here are some updates on some of our old time favourite influencers in Singapore!


Nose and eyes surgery

singapore influencers

If you are Singaporean, you should know Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng offline, a Singapore influencer/blogger who shares her life and opinions on local issues in a provocative fashion. She has been blogging for a decade ever since 2003! In November 2017, Xiaxue went under the knife for her nose and eyes. Yes again!! She has always been very open with sharing her personal experiences with her fans and have uploaded several videos on her personal channel to share about her plastic surgery experiences. If you missed out, here’s the link!

But this time, I promise you it’s different.

plastic surgery, xiaxue, again, nose, eyelid

The crew of guide to life, a long-running Youtube series starring Xiaxue as the host was RIGHT INSIDE the operating theatre with her. Have you guessed it right? Yes! The entire process was recorded down on the camera, and if you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the link! If you have always been curious about plastic surgery, you have to go watch this rare footage of how eyes and nose surgeries are being conducted! You can also find out how she looks like after on her own channel through her recovery vlogs!


The proposal

Next up we have the up and coming beauty and fashion beauty, MongChin Yeoh, alternatively known as Mongabong on social media.

beauty, influencer, singapore, fashion

Her fiance, Matthias finally popped the golden question and had successfully put a ring on her finger! Yes that’s right, Mongabong is off the shelves!

mongabong. instagram, influencer, wedding, proposal

“I like that he’s very trustworthy, smart, driven and always giving. He takes care of my needs and is always there to give me advice about life. Whenever I run into problems at work or at home, I know I can always count on him to help me with it. Someone that sees my problems as his and his as mine, my happiness as his happiness and his as mine…I think that’s very hard to come by.” ~ Mong (Courtesy of

The proposal was a surprise where Mong was tricked into believing that she was on set for jewelry commercial shoot, just like any other day at work. Little did she know that it was recorded and she will make the decision that will change her life forever! You can catch the whole process of this sweet moment from her youtube channel, or click on the link here!

Naomi Neo

naomi neo, singapore, youth, influencer, engagement

The love proposal in Korea

We have another happy news to share with you too! The last Christmas added new meaning to our young social media Singapore influencer, Naomi Neo. because she got engaged last Christmas on the trip to Korea with her fiance!

naomi neo, engagement, korea, ring

She is one of Singapore’s top influencer with a mega following of over 300k! You can also check out her Korea vlog to find out how the proposal went!

Congratulations on your engagements, MongChin and Naomi!

Let’s end this post with something sweet!


melissackoh, instagram, top singapore

New beginnings!

Newlyweds Melissa Celestine Koh, also known as Melissackoh on Instagram and her husband has finally gotten their keys to their new house and it’s also fully furnished! With her beautifully curated feed, are you excited to see how her home looks like? It’s all fully recorded on the home tour video on her youtube channel, click here to view!

Top influencers across Singapore social media platforms

Top blogs in Singapore!

Here are some of the top influencers Singapore you can check it out!

These are some of the influencers Singapore that you will know of or at least heard it from your friends. Let’s understand more in details about them.

ladyironchef, blogger, singapore, blog, food

Started as a humble blog in an attempt to share about personal food experiences, ladyironchef has evolved into Singapore’s leading food and travel website. Behind all the beautifully written articles stands a man with an inexplicable passion for the finer things in life, especially for food and travel.

Known as “ladyironchef”, the mysterious chief editor is actually a gentleman named Brad sharing his personal encounters on his blog, dishing out genuine reviews about food and dining locations, countries, and cities.

At ladyironchef, they pledge to remain sincere and frank when sharing the endorsed products and experiences with their readers on their trusted website.

blogger, singapore

Also known as budget Barbie, otherwise as QiuTing offline, she is one of Singapore’s leading bloggers. Her unique humour and down to earth qualities are reasons for her immense following. She is extremely loyal to her family and friends, often making her love for them known on her blog. Her inclusion of personal stories with a tinge of straightforward humour allows her readers to relate to blog posts.

joke, funny, mr brown, singapore

Known as the blogfather of Singapore famous for his social and political commentary, with his unique writing style encompassing an enjoyable level of wit and analysis sets a high bar for the rest of the blogging arena. His content appeals to an older demographic focusing on current affairs, however, now he is moving more towards lifestyle products promoting brands in his advertising posts in a subtle manner that you would have no idea they were even sponsored.

  • YouTube

An immensely popular free video sharing platform, Youtube makes online content sharing easier. To share, you simply create an account and then start uploading your own videos to share with others. Its never a one-way street, if you are inspired, you can jump in anytime and then start becoming a part of the community! Started in the year 2005, YouTube is now one of the hottest sites on the web.

One reason for its popularity is the pitless number of videos you can find, from food to travel to fashion, you name it, they have it! Fun fact! An average of 100 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so be rest assured, there’s always something new to discover!

Another reason that YouTube is so popular is that it’s all user-generated content, hence making it more interesting! Instead of specially curated videos from major TV companies or movies studios, viewers can find highly interesting content.

If you are interested in joining the YouTube community, you can visit the official YouTube Help channel to aid you in the specifics of the interface.

In conclusion, YouTube is jumping in, record and share your videos or you would like to take a more passive approach, search, click and enjoy!  

Categories of influencers:


  • Lifestyle

Building their social media followings from scratch, which means they have a strong connection with their following. They have a clear understanding of their community behaviour such as interests and behaviours. As a result, they have a higher rating when it comes to authenticity.

@xiaxue (605k)

@Bongqiuqiu (302k)

@Melissackoh (248k)



  • Parenting


@xiaxue (605k)

@bongqiuqiu (302k)

@cheeserland (242k)


  • Food


@ladyironchef (640k)

@littlemissbento (319k)

@danielfooddiary (203k)


  • Gaming


@notgoodgamers (24.7k)

@brendanaw (16.3k)

@nocplays (10.7k)


  • Health and fitness


@sugarrandspice (134k)

@saffronsharpe (120k)

@sandrarileytang (82.4k)


  • Beauty


@speishi (278k)

@mongabong (124k)

@mykxii (106k)


  • Fashion


@mongabong (124k)

@dreachong (301k)

@euniceannabel (203k)


  • Travel





Now that you know some of the influencers Singapore that we have shared, let us know if we have missed out anyone that we should know as well!