Government taps on influencer marketing

Government agencies reaching out to influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the current hot topic in Singapore as many news has been reporting on government agencies reaching out to Singaporeans through social media influencers.

With social media, everyone’s information consumption habits evolved around it.

influencer marketing

Is Influencer Marketing appropriate?

right or wrong?


The question is, is it wrong for our local government to engage these people to capture the attention of the younger generations? Let’s see.

How popular is Instagram in Singapore

instagram, application

A social media platform, Instagram has one of the highest popularity in Singapore where it is the 3rd highest ranking for connected Singaporeans.

How much time do these young Singaporeans spend with their phones?

This high usage of social media is due to the high exposure these generations are exposed to online. Guess how much Singapore millennials (aged 16 to 30) spend on their mobile phone?

An average of 3.4 hours a day!!

46% of this time is spent on social media, a number worth noticing. Social media has consumed a considerably big part of millennials attention and time. Brands and organisations are diverting their budget to social media channels and influencers to broaden their reach.

Ministry of finance

In order to connect with their younger generations, our local government has also adapted to this new trend to broaden their reach to our young people.

Budget 2018

In a straits times article, its mentioned that the “Ministry of Finance (MOF) has paid for over 50 social media “influencers” to post on Instagram to promote the Budget process”.

Is social media marketing the right way?

Resorting to using social media influencers as a form of outreach to the younger generations deserves more exploration. Many critics and experts highlighted that authenticity and credibility is very crucial. They are important selection criteria as it is very important for brands/organisations to find the perfect representation. One tip is to engage one with relevant product and knowledge experience to effectively align campaign objectives.