Instagram Stories Ideas for Businesses

Instagram stories ideas, now for businesses

The success of Instagram stories is insane! Merely less than 2 years old, Instagram Stories have already surpassed 300 million daily active users. Here’s some instagram stories ideas, for you, business marketers.

Why is instagram story so successful?

instagram story business, instagram story ideas

Instagram Stories are a great channel for increasing brand awareness organically. Find out the difference between what users expect from Instagram stories and feed here! The important thing here is to be relevant and consistent. Oh yes, be creative too!

Why should business be generating instagram stories ideas too?

Brands get better organic visibility with Instagram Stories. 

Get this, posts earn the lion’s share of brand impressions, while Instagram Stories only account for 19%. You may think that 19% is insignificant, but hear me out. This makes up ⅕ of impressions earned, and that’s a huge portion of organic reach! If you’re only publishing posts, then you’re only gaining traction from posts. You could be missing out on a quarter of free impressions.

Besides, instagram stories is all about “in the moment” fun stories! With so many stickers and functions, you have enough to start interacting with your audience! 

1. Recycle content from your community

The constant challenge of consistently developing new content is real for marketers. That is why this is on top of the list. By leveraging on your the efforts of your comminity’s User Generated Content (UGC)you can update and also strengthen the relationship with your community and impress new ones.


Now with the new share story function, you can share interesting and fun stories! You can also mention the people who have tagged or mentioned your page! This is how you gain attention and get people talking!

2. Engage and get to know your audience

With so many functions, you can now use stories to create a 2 way interaction! Polls are a fun way to engage and learn more about your audience. Simply asking an interesting question can spark a meaningful conversation and result in viral content.

Take for instance, Airbnb

instagram story for business, instagram story ideas

They have demonstrated an easy way to make use of polls. The beautiful pictures of the locations make audiences interested, and actually participate.

3. Create Instagram Story wallpapers for them to screenshot

One of the greatest uses we’ve seen are through wallpapers because they give brands the ability to act like media companies and inform their audience of the latest news.

In short, wallpapers enable you to create content with purpose – they are easily digestible and shareable. Pretty things attract people to share, and hence expand your audiences. Wallpapers can include beautiful locations or flatlays.


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