How to attract with your instagram content creation

Instagram content creation is not easy at all

Let’s be real. Hoping that to strike it and start gaining followers does not work now as it’s getting really saturated here. That said, influencers who consistently score likes, comments, and engagement with their posts aren’t doing so by accident. As much as the well curated posts on instagram makes Instagram content creation look so easy, do not ever underestimate the real effort that’s placed into them. 

Instagram content creation

Crafting content may be easy if you have time to plan, take, edit to perfection. It’s really important to understand the latest trends on instagram to consistently fine-tune your Instagram content strategy.

1. Always set a goal

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Whether your goal is gaining more Instagram followers or simply driving more engagement with your social content. You have to keep counting and drive your content towards these goals. Remember to never take this process for granted. 

2. Planning your posts is essentialinstagram content creation, social media marketing, influencer marketing

Think through the style and image you wish to portray through your social media. You want to keep connecting with them, hence you need to give them what they like. Think it through, and find your best fit. You may not get it on your first try, so do not get disheartened if results don’t surface immediately.

3. Element of personal touch

instagram content creation, social media marketing, influencer marketing

To win hearts and gain numbers, it is important to go from the heart. This soft personal touch in your captions or photos will allow your audience to connect with you. This link bridge between the both of you increases your value to advertisers. Moreover, these numbers is a form of recognition for your hard work.

4. Importance of effort

Mega influencers did not gain their fame overnight. It is very easy to determine between a half-hearted content and one that places effort into drafting and creating. If you really want to make a name, it is that important to make a consistent attempt. Effort and hardwork will not fail you!



5. Be consistent and authentic

instagram content creation, social media marketing, influencer marketing

The importance of this step is to show the consistency of your social media identity, and this constant image will bring you closer to your audience as time passes. Also, having an online identity helps brands to connect with you more accurately, so as to maximise efficiency and benefits. This sounds easy, but it’s really the toughest stage.

The quality of your content is as though your clothes. They are important in portraying a positive image of you. Ensuring this quality of selection will keep the consistency of your feed. Visuals are powerfully engaging, where one bad photo remains on the feed and it destroys the previous effort you have placed into forming a relationship. It is also highly shareable so you wouldn’t want bad photos to be shared. So really, only select the best quality photos that represents you well.





We can’t emphasize more on sincerity and love for your audiences. Be honest about your content even though you are paid for it. Honesty is always the best policy. It is not that difficult if you are able to turn dreams into reality, while it may take more effort to breathe life into them. Keep hustling!

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