Influencer Marketing For Older Generations

How to use influencer marketing on older generations?

Millennial is set to officially become the largest living adult generation in 2019, with population numbers soaring to 73 million. It’s no wonder so many brands are focused on cracking this diverse, evolving segment with over $200 billion in buying power.

The real spending power lies in the older generations

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Well, it explains. They have worked and definitely have accumulated their wealth over time. But, they’re often being overlooked by marketers. 

With huge spending power, brands may want to start looking and them. One way to reach them is through an effective, authentic way to reach them.

Market to where your audience are at

While millennial are in the lead when it comes to tech adoption, older people are definitely online and active. They have to adapt to the tech boom too!

Many of them are on social media, along with the millennial. Do not forget that they not only have money, they have the time too! Means more time online 🙂

Platforms your audience are on

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Facebook is by far the preferred platform. Content sharing on Facebook is really a popular option for them. In order to reach your target using influencer marketing campaigns, you can try to include a strong facebook sharing plan. Video content is really growing, so you can also consider incorporating short, instructive video content. 

Partner with influencer that know your audience 

You need influencers who understand the lifestyle needs and interests of a more mature audience. One way is to search for people of similar age or have a strong connection to them.

Influencers who can connect with audiences who are in similar situations often have powerful, personal stories to share. You can always use a mix of influencers, and that can increase your bang for your buck!  Allow influencers to share your brand message in their own authentic voices.

Tailor Your Content

The content for matured audience shouldn’t look exactly the same as a millennial campaign. As mentioned earlier, millennials greatly prefer aesthetics, boomers are drawn to written content and video.

As they have more time, older consumers do not mind spending more time and effort into research.  Therefore, content targeted to them should be highly informative, with a value proposition that is explained. Do not try too hard and push the price tag right in front of their screens.

Their interest are in products and services that enhance their quality of life. They’re much more likely to engage with respectful and meaningful messaging that acknowledges their interest in supporting an active, healthy lifestyle. Influencer marketing, when done right, is the perfect vehicle for reaching this valuable and often overlooked audience.

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