Marketing trends 2018: Rise of video content and micro-influencers

Marketing trends 2018: More video content and micro-influencers

Video is taking content marketing by storm. So are micro-influencers, small but impactful. Read on for more.

Marketing trends 2018: 1. Increase popularity of youtube?

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A recent survey by Google found that a staggering 70% of teenage YouTube audiences are more likely to be influenced by YouTubers than by traditional media celebrities – something to consider if your target audience is in the teenage bracket.

Why do teens prefer YouTubers to their favourite celebrities?

The obvious answer is that they are relatable. Let’s take Xiaxue as an example. Yes, she’s an iconic figure in the eyes of impressionable teens, but is her straightforward thinking something they can really relate to? It’s unlikely that an average teen can find common ground with her, but she is Singaporean and she represents the freedom, a relatable personality and lifestyle for many Singaporeans, perhaps.

Why is Youtube so successful?

The survey suggested that YouTube vloggers interact with and listen to their followers, creating the feeling of a friendship rather than a fandom. And that’s the difference. Through weekly videos, they create a bond with their viewers. The content shared are usually more personal, like vlogs, or get ready with me, leading to a more engaged audience.

High engagement is value

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According to the Google survey, the top 25 YouTube stars generated three times as many views, twice as many actions and 12 times as many comments as videos created by celebrities.

Tips for marketers:

It is not always necessary to spend big money on high reach celebrities. Video content is getting really popular, and these YouTube channels creators can be just as beneficial to your brands. Their content are highly attractive when it comes to a younger audience. Always plan out what you want, and what’s necessary for your brand.

Meet the micro-influencers.

Marketing trends 2018:

2. What is a micro-influencer?

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Micro-influencers are influencers with fewer subscribers and followers than those who have hit the big time online. We’re talking fewer than 10,000, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that bigger influencers have.

Micro-influencers are relatable

They come across as more authentic and relatable, and their opinions are more trusted by the public. With a smaller following, they can still afford to keep things personal. They are more likely to find time to respond to comments and messages, meaning that they’re building up stronger trust with their audience. Celebrity and popular influencers can seem a distance apart from their fans and followers as they may be too busy to reply and interact.

Micro-influencers are cost-effective: Small but mighty

Engaging micro-influencers in promoting your brand can actually be more profitable than using star influencers. Smaller influencers have higher audiences value: where their followers trust them better. This, in turn, converting them into customers by impacting their purchase decisions.

What does your brand need?

Before you give up on influencer marketing entirely, you may want to consider and shortlist a few micro-influencers to help your brand connect with new potential crowd.

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