Congratulations Naomi Neo!

Naomi Neo is pregnant!

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As the header suggests, here’s some exciting details about this young influencer legend about her new journey in life. There have been many speculations ever since Naomi released her wedding video after a short break she took in preparation for her wedding. While netizens are catching up on her big wedding reveal, Naomi releases another video on her main channel sharing that she’s pregnant for six months!

Naomi Neo’s big pregnancy reveal

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In her video, she stated that she has been keeping the secret for half a year now since October 2017. Needless to say, she was pregnant when she got married at her first trimester. Now it’s clear why her wedding gown was designed that way.

What did her boyfriend say?

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Her then boyfriend, now husband was very supportive when Naomi cracked the news to him. While Naomi feel the other end of the spectrum, and claimed that she was afraid due to the uncertainties. Nevertheless, we would like to congratulate Naomi as she admits that she was very happy and at ease when the boyfriend was very supportive, he even went to the extent of coming up with reasons to not abort the baby. She is currently healthy, and happy with her status quo.

Now, you must be curious about what her family thinks.

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Naomi was afraid to share it with her family as her family is one that is conservative. Surprisingly, she was glad when all her family members were supportive of her decision, and felt extremely relieved to receive the positive energy from her family.

How does it feel to have a baby?

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Reaching the middle of the video, she mentioned that keeping the baby bump a secret was a struggle. Sharing the fact that she went through a phase of loneliness as she did not have many trustable friends to share her pregnancy news to. Also, she wasn’t able to perform her usual “influencer” duties as the baby bump limits her area of work to simple and easy projects.

Why keep it a secret?

Her reason for keeping it a secret was to avoid negativity and unnecessary comments. She wants to remain positive and focused during her pregnancy so as to provide the best physical and emotional state for her baby to grow well. And it is really good for her that people close to her respect her choices, and other people should too.

What did she experience?

In the video, Naomi said that she experienced intense vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, as much as six times daily. Currently, she said that she also did not experience any increase in appetite or preference for certain food. But she has definitely gained more weight, where she claimed to be at the heaviest she has ever been.

This pregnancy reveal video is one of Naomi’s realest sharing about her personal experience, where she mentioned a lot of personal matters. One part is that she shared her personal view on getting pregnant before marriage, where she claimed this view to be a social stigma.

Where people will judge everything about you anyway, so it really best to follow your heart.

Now here’s the exciting part, what’s the gender of Naomi’s baby?

Since she is entering into her third trimester, the gender of the baby should be made known to Naomi! However, Naomi specifically clarified that she wants to keep the gender of the baby a secret. But she may reveal more of that on her social platforms, so look out for that! Good news is that both the mother and baby are both healthy and growing well. She mentions that she is very excited to enter into a new phase in life, to be a mum. In addition, she claimed her life experiences have contributed and shaped her views on parenting.

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