Consumer limits for social media marketing

Social media marketing and consumer limits

The notification has extended to social media, where various platforms are competing to bring you the news first. Meanwhile, there are brands and influencers competing to get your attention.

One interesting study result found out that daily social media usage of global internet users is about 135 minutes per day. Isn’t it great if you are a part of the 135 minutes people spent browsing?

After all, if you are trending, you are considered “happening”.

Paid advertisment

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Now with the added advantage of promoted paid content on a social media platform, brands are really occupying screen space. Nevertheless, either as a brand or an influencer, when do you know social media branding is too much?

How Overexposure Can Backfire

It’s every brand’s dream to create viral content. Because the impact and effect they get on user’s life is magnificient. While viral content does make way for brand to recall value, but

Imagine a user getting bombarded with posts every time the a platform is openined. You may not realise this at the start, but it does begin to get annoying. Who knows it can even escalate to consumers blocking the brand from his/her feed.

Why are influencers a good choice?

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Influencers are as though story tellers. They share their personal anecdotes and thoughts on brands on their social profiles. While it is a great way to stay relevant and connected with your audience, too much of it leaves no mystery.

Do not quote yourself from your social media platforms. Start letting people know what they do not. People who have little or no social media presence have a greater demand in such cases because people want to hear more from them. Their inaccessibility only increases their influence over the audience.

Consider the opposites

There are too many success stories behind social media campaigns that we simply cannot ignore the power of them.

Social media has also turned around the lives of many by changing them from a nobody to a celebrity. Exactly. We are talking about the Instagram and YouTube stars who have managed to create a brand for themselves through content sharing on social media platforms.

These stars are raking in millions through these platforms and partnering with brands for advertising.

How to create your brand?

But the trick lies in advertising and understanding how to create your social media network. One needs to understand that they need to have a structured program for social media, where they keep coming back to their users on regular intervals but do not inundate them with posts.

Are the past era of advertisements gone for good?

In the bygone era of advertisements, the limited possibility of space on newspapers or television made way for lesser branded content. This promised the readers or viewers more authentic news or informative pieces instead of plugged articles. This also brings up the much debated fake news propaganda on social media, questioning the authenticity of these platforms.

Is social media the way to go?

Social media today has numerous advantages linked to it not just for individuals but brands too. However, what they need to understand is to maintain the balancing act, making sure that overexposure doesn’t kill your brand value.

Cute dog accounts you should check out!

Cute dogs in Singapore

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So cute and so famous! Believe it or not, they have more followers than some of you! Living the real dog life, they even throw birthday parties with cake that only they can eat T_T

They even have cool doggo cafes where they can hang out and make friends! 2018 is really the year of dogs, and here’s some cute local dog accounts to celebrate the year of Dogs.


archie, where is archie, dog, singapore

A handsome Brother (via adoptive parents), this Shiba Inu can be quite “dao” to new faces and strangers. Unlike his brother, coming next, he is really such a looker! Less active and more aloof than his brother, we forgive him since he looks so gooooood. Cute photos of the two brothers adventures are availble on their feed! Check out Baileys, his brother next!!

Baileys (@whereisbaileys)

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Hmmmm Baileys, slightly sweet and milky! Baileys is indeed a gentle and tiny resident dog at Free The Robot (a cake at Telok Ayer). A mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua is gonna make your heart go awwwwwwww. Known to pop his head out of the window at the cafe, remember to keep a lookout when you visit! Do not be surprised if he greets you with a lick while you are there!!

Cute humans and cute god can be found right here at this account!

Let’s welcome Plato!


plato, dog, frenchie, singapore dog

He is a famous dog, that even has a book about him!! It’s c alled Plato and the missing bed, where you can browse in selected bookstores around town! Catch pictures of him hanging out with his human siblings. Happiness is guaranteed!!

This dog may have went to more countries than we dig. This cute Pomeranian named Cookie recently moved to New York… And have already travelled to Canada… WOW…

The eyes are to die for, check them out here!!


pugworth, pug, dog, singapore

ANYBODY LOVES PUGS!! So small so cute, a dog that drools too much… WOW, mind you Pugworth is really worthy as he is famous! Remember those cute ads by UberPET, he’s the model! An all rounder that well… farts… snores… and a runner. Don’t you already love him?

Baby buncha

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Baby buncha! With a smashing 70.9k followers, this white cuties has more followers than some influencers out there! Check out his profile for many cute photos that you never know can be edited with a dog’s face!! The latest one was Baby Buncha as an Ice cream flavour… Hmmmm…

These pet owners have put in great effort for these pet accounts to grow into where they are! Keep working and we love all your accounts! Kudos to all pet owners!

How to capture the perfect Instagram photo?

Perfect Instagram Photo

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How to find your best Instagram angles? Before you press the capture button, try to conceptualise the image in your mind. You can also scroll through your feed to find out the exact style you want to capture. That will make you understand more about yourself and things you can achieve with your looks and body.

Here are some photo inspirations to save you the scrolling.

  • Proportions and size

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Every picture tells a story and it is not important to keep all the products in the photo in the frame. Play around with the composition and proportions! Do not fret over the petty things and focus on what the image is trying to convey.

  • Natural light

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We cannot emphasize how important lighting is in photos. Natural light provides one of the best lightings you can ever have. Do you know that the golden hour has the best lighting? Lighting an hour before and after sunrise and sunset are great timings to catch the golden hour.

When the light is too harsh (e.g. afternoon), pictures may appear too warm (yellowish) with many disturbing shadows. It is commonly known as the ugly yellow effect, that makes editing a chore too. When you are shooting photos in the dark, e.g. at night, consider using white light as it reflects brighter.

  • Adding textures

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Experiment different colours and prints to compliment each other! You may get very impressive results with various textures. Throw them together and start snapping!

Some inspirations include knitted clothes, flatlay, products with the same prints, colour themed.

  • Depth of field

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It is very important to make sure that you focused on the main subject. With an accurate depth of field, it shows the different depths of a photo. The subject should be highlighted clearly in the picture in order to add dimensions to your photo. It will be extremely crucial to the eyes as the message will be brought across clearly in a second. And that is really what you want to do, to capture attention in one second.

  • #OOTD shots

ootd shots,

The best #ootd shots are all about finding the perfect balance with the colours in the photo. Be clear of what colour best contrast your skin colour/make up. Making the colours enhance your features is one very good tool. It is also about knowing how your body looks with the different angles. You will be pleased if you know your angles well enough. For example, the angle to snap when you are wearing heels in comparison to flats. Typically, the best angle would be from the bottom up so that you will look taller. Know your best facial angle let your photographer know in advance.

  • Flatlay

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Good things take lots of practice and hard work, the perfect top Instagram angle offers a lot of interesting perspectives. It forces you to be more detailed and put more considerations in your photos. As the name suggests, you capture the top view. To do this, tou may have to stand on a chair or take photos from a high enough angle for full comprehensivity. As we suggest earlier, you can add items and customise your background because every single item plays a massive role in the entirety of the photo. Experiment with different items and capture these photos. Choose the one you think looks the best and start working towards the direction.

Congratulations Naomi Neo!

Naomi Neo is pregnant!

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As the header suggests, here’s some exciting details about this young influencer legend about her new journey in life. There have been many speculations ever since Naomi released her wedding video after a short break she took in preparation for her wedding. While netizens are catching up on her big wedding reveal, Naomi releases another video on her main channel sharing that she’s pregnant for six months!

Naomi Neo’s big pregnancy reveal

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In her video, she stated that she has been keeping the secret for half a year now since October 2017. Needless to say, she was pregnant when she got married at her first trimester. Now it’s clear why her wedding gown was designed that way.

What did her boyfriend say?

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Her then boyfriend, now husband was very supportive when Naomi cracked the news to him. While Naomi feel the other end of the spectrum, and claimed that she was afraid due to the uncertainties. Nevertheless, we would like to congratulate Naomi as she admits that she was very happy and at ease when the boyfriend was very supportive, he even went to the extent of coming up with reasons to not abort the baby. She is currently healthy, and happy with her status quo.

Now, you must be curious about what her family thinks.

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Naomi was afraid to share it with her family as her family is one that is conservative. Surprisingly, she was glad when all her family members were supportive of her decision, and felt extremely relieved to receive the positive energy from her family.

How does it feel to have a baby?

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Reaching the middle of the video, she mentioned that keeping the baby bump a secret was a struggle. Sharing the fact that she went through a phase of loneliness as she did not have many trustable friends to share her pregnancy news to. Also, she wasn’t able to perform her usual “influencer” duties as the baby bump limits her area of work to simple and easy projects.

Why keep it a secret?

Her reason for keeping it a secret was to avoid negativity and unnecessary comments. She wants to remain positive and focused during her pregnancy so as to provide the best physical and emotional state for her baby to grow well. And it is really good for her that people close to her respect her choices, and other people should too.

What did she experience?

In the video, Naomi said that she experienced intense vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, as much as six times daily. Currently, she said that she also did not experience any increase in appetite or preference for certain food. But she has definitely gained more weight, where she claimed to be at the heaviest she has ever been.

This pregnancy reveal video is one of Naomi’s realest sharing about her personal experience, where she mentioned a lot of personal matters. One part is that she shared her personal view on getting pregnant before marriage, where she claimed this view to be a social stigma.

Where people will judge everything about you anyway, so it really best to follow your heart.

Now here’s the exciting part, what’s the gender of Naomi’s baby?

Since she is entering into her third trimester, the gender of the baby should be made known to Naomi! However, Naomi specifically clarified that she wants to keep the gender of the baby a secret. But she may reveal more of that on her social platforms, so look out for that! Good news is that both the mother and baby are both healthy and growing well. She mentions that she is very excited to enter into a new phase in life, to be a mum. In addition, she claimed her life experiences have contributed and shaped her views on parenting.