How is it like to be a Singapore influencer?

Life as a Singapore influencer

Being a Singapore influencer, you share your life on social media in exchange for attention and fame. This attracts many advertising opportunities as the more you share the more people follow you. While being famous for social media exchanges for freebies might sound a little too good to be true, this is exactly the life of an influencer in Singapore.

Recent Singapore social media trends

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Over the recent years, there has been a surge observed in the social media industry with many young personalities having a few thousands of followers branding themselves as influencers. Their feed usually includes photos of themselves with products or attending different social events. These posts may or may not be sponsored posts, where these influencers partner with the brands and get paid to endorse them. Influencers are paid by post and the price of each post differs for different people.

Singapore social media influencer industry

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Undoubtedly, the social media influencer market has been expanding exponentially over the years.  Many influencer marketing and media company such as Gushcloud, Nuffnang, Faves Asia, Kobe, Starengage had worked with various clients and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Different brands have their own campaign objectives and KPIs to hit through these content creators. The various categories of influencers typically include Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Parenting, and Beauty.

What are the downsides as an influencer?

Although this job may seem all relaxed and easy, there are also downsides as a Singapore influencer. With a huge following across 4 social media platforms, Naomi Neo is a success story. She was afraid to step out of her house when she trended for 3 consecutive days on Twitter in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle. The attention attracted was too much that she just wants to avoid people.

Naomi Neo

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Many influencers such as Naomi herself has claimed to feel insecure and had very bad anxiety. She was not the only one that turned into an influencer at such a young age.

Dee Kosh

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Dee Kosh, a local Youtuber, and radio personality also agree that starting young as an influencer may have detrimental impacts.

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